Every since I was born I realize I was different because it seem everybody else was in someway insecure will I always had a good spirit and a secure faith in a higher spiritual Oneness of the good in All.

Over time I grow to realize that people were good but were actually demonized by the ruling elites to have to be heinous to survive because there was so much unnecessary evil in the world. I want no parts of it but I had to be strong to survive. Being that I’m from a dominant genealogy, I was stronger, faster, and more mentally advance then most like my bloodline before me. So I didn’t have to ever fight for myself much because no sane person pick a losing battle but I proved my superior dominance by fighting for others that was too weak to fight back however thou I was young and poor I already knew violence was an inferior person way of obtaining dominance so I grew up humble, friendly and loving as my true Rastafarian culture.

Except for my grandfather whom was another country away I came from and abusive disconnected family up bringing like most black children due to the pass devastation of heinous slavery psychological aftermath. I realize this and didn’t take everybody discombobulated evil jealous ways personally, how every I just move on and started taking care of my self since nine.

I always  worked numerous jobs while doing the best I could to obtain a good education. I loved learning however the things the schools and institution was teaching was false so I studied a lot of true history and factual knowledge. However, life for me was very hard so I start drinking and smoking marijuana since two; pathetic but true.

However, by the grace of the All Mighty God I made it throw life loving and being loved by total strangers, without never being molested, I guess because I was useful, humble and had a killer instinct. Now to look back at it, it seem so impossible I have to thank God Almighty.

I know now that through my life I was being analyze and targeted by the United States of America Government to be a failure. They oppress poor black people so much, that we have no other options but to turn to crime to achieve a better statues in life, which I found out was just a trick to injected angelic beings with HIV and other bio germs to make them sick.

I always been the best rapper and a talented writer growing up, so much that everywhere I went everybody real crowned me and gathered around me begging me to rap. I realize there was no future for me in music or television because the CIA and ruling elites controlled all aspects of media and if your black you have to suck everybody anus and genitals and get gang rape by all your superiors on command like back in the heinous slavery era where little kidnap children had to work naked in the cold for nothing and then had to suck genitals to eat food for survive; it was horrifying.

So I ran from that and work odd jobs and did my best to advance my education however I could not because for some reason I was already targeted and everything I did the United States Government took me to Jail, inject me with germs and demonizing knowledge. However by the grace of God they never kept me long and after thirty arrests, they gave up because the wanted to transform me into a homosexual however I was to self-assure and confident in myself and sexuality and plus I’m very morally grounded; I just don’t do anything that don’t make sense.

Anyway locking me up started back firing because my confidence and my immaculate street reputation made me too influential because all I do is prey, read, study, write, exercise, romance my lady, and encourage others to do right and the system want all blacks to be foolish, selfish, disconnected homosexuals.

Keep in mind with the entire Government and undercover FBI and CIA blacks hating suppressing and trying to assassinate me constantly everybody crowned me the best drug dealer ever lived because not only was I completely honest I sold the best of everything, that’s why they called me straight drop Ric the Most Dry to this day. I made great money selling drugs and started other businesses and was smart enough to go legit. However I was and am constantly being oppress, suppress and sabotage by The NSA and CIA and the CIA now also have total control of the drug game also so what they want me to do, I can’t die and leave my children unprotected in a world like this!………..


my new books RIC, and Solace can be found on    


About Ricardo Samuda Sinclair

King Author Overlord Yush Yamski
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