What You Deserve!

 You deserve to know the truth!
What is your true ancestral root?
What species, what blood type are you?
No One deserve to be hungry 
When heinous imperialists have enough food store to feed every Being abundantly
for a thousand centuries!
Everyone deserve Love!
Everyone deserve Raspect!
Vowels are interchangeable just like your sex.
Everyone should know the World is one country,
And intellectual Beings where here first we did not evolve from monkeys!
Amon Ra lovingly imperialize the entire Globe
Over a million years ago,
When the pyramids and Egypt; then Eden was paved with Gold.
Fluorescence light at night the way my city Glow!
Africans was everywhere first, how come you did not know?
Africans educate all human Beings so mankind could Grow.
Africans are originally from Mars that was destroy by War.
Before Caucasians where enslave because they would not behave after leaving their Caves.
They where nocturnal converts living in center Earth.
So overstand their blood thirst and understand Love and Justice is for whom
We Stand comes First!
Thank You very much, We Love You All! 
The Fair, The Air, King Author



About Ricardo Samuda Sinclair

King Author Overlord Yush Yamski
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