In America they enslave the truly righteous minorities!
Oppressors will do everything in their power to confuse my true identity!
Sinclair the Fair, The Air my Greatest Grandfather was the first monarchy!
Amon Ra my Greater Grandfather, Isis my Grearter Grandmother and Lord Horus are all kin to Me!
True and living gods been victimize and crucified since B.C.E.!
Confusus, Genghis, Caesar, Shaka, Lincoln, Marley, Gravey, Bruce Lee, Shakur, Biggie are Jesus just like me!
Their laws protect the Henious and condem the Just Blatantly!
How don’t the U.S.A constitution not apply to people like me!
How do we not see they lock up minorities and unjustly condem babies in their social penitentiaries!
They incarcerate Black people and inject them with syphilis, cancers causing agents and H.I.V. Cleverly telling them they testing for T.B.!
However this has been happening in Africa for centuries, secretly and is destine to extinct Caucasians eventually!
Thank You, I Love You All!
The Fair, The Air, King Author Ricardo Samuda Sinclair



About Ricardo Samuda Sinclair

King Author Overlord Yush Yamski
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