RIcardo Samuda Sinclair letter to the President of United States of America

  Good Greetings,


Dear Mr President Obama, first and foremost thank you very very much for Your official letter of response, it means the world to me.

Secondly, I would just like to share my political views with you. I realize You have a very concerning term ahead. First concerning the marriage issue it’s true all Americans should have the right to marry how and whom they choose, not just for homosexuals and heterosexuals but also polygamy such also be acceptable and legal, It’s only right.

Next I ask you to wisely consider legalizing marijuana because it would miraculously bring America out of regression in every sense. Please consider decimalizing drug offenses to fines and civil offenses, it’s only right. We know before You the judicial system was and still is highly flaw and predatory to selected citizens. This should not be able to happen in the United States of America. Please secure that all citizens private and public respect, obey, and represent the United States constitution. So many businesses in America disregard the United States constitution and this should not be able to happen. Mr President you are now the monarch of Our Laws and the Law is God over men, so it should be good, fair and direct. With that said leads to immigration. America must keep and obtain Our representation as a free market. We know through history that corruption and bias on the monarch or judicial level cause all our problems. So please don’t allow the unfair chastisement of the Earth citizens continue any longer, Please! We all need liberation, equal opportunity and the option to a better education and way of life.

Finally, thank you for your time your Highness. I just wanted to farther enlightened you that once the people are happy nothing else matters but maintaining their happiness, plus they make others happy, which lead to a better World and advance Our civilization beneficially. So please keep the people very happy because I would love to see the people undoubtedly choose your nomination for the next president of United States of America!




     The Air King Author Ricardo Samuda Sinclair                                                                                            









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