Truth is the most important ideal in Existence! Truth is infinite like time, advance intelligence, and the oneness of the All! To seek and instill truth is One’s true purpose! Remember lies and deceit is how inferior intellectual beings manipulate naive intellectual beings! So remember truth is the most valuable resource in existence because truth is the foundation for laws and mathematics to exist. If one know a matter True mathematical equation,or ingredients one can create or establish that matter! So truth is essential for advance development. One must do One’s best to obtain the truth, then One will find and love One’s true self. The truth makes your existence better and easier, the Truth and Love is the most intriguing and compelling force! So be true to yourself and make sure all beings are true too you! Thank You! I Love You All!Facebook Gmail Twitter Linked in



About Ricardo Samuda Sinclair

King Author Overlord Yush Yamski
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